What are PPDS foods in relation to allergen labelling!

PPDS stands for Pre Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) and this will be the biggest change in allergen labelling requirements and business practice since the Food Information Regulations (FIR) 2014 came into force.

From 1 October 2021, the requirements for prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food labelling will change in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. The new labelling will help protect your consumers by providing potentially life-saving allergen information on the packaging.

Any business that produces PPDS food will be required to label it with the name of the food and a full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised within the list. 

Businesses need to check if their products require PPDS labelling and what they need to do to comply with the new rules. 

What is PPDS food? 

Prepacked for direct sale or PPDS is food which is packaged at the same place it is offered or sold to consumers and is in this packaging before it is ordered or selected. 

It can include food that consumers select themselves (e.g. from a display unit), as well as products kept behind a counter and some food sold at mobile or temporary outlets. 

How to meet the requirements 

If your business sells or supplies PPDS food you need to take action before 1 October 2021 to comply with the law. 

Businesses must check if they produce PPDS food and ensure they are ready to comply with the new requirements. 

If you are unsure of how to comply drop Lionheart Safety a message in the contact us tab.

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